Quick Answer: How Many Billionaires Are There In Ohio?

What billionaires live in Ohio?

The Ohioans on the Forbes list are:Les Wexnerand family (No.

413 with $4.6 million).

Denise York(No.

916 with $2.5 billion).

Clayton Mathile (No.

1057 with $2.2 billion).

Nancy Lerner (No.

1941 with $1.1 billion).

Norma Lerner (No.

1941 with $1.1 billion).

Randolph Lerner(No.

1941 with $1.1 billion).Mar 6, 2019.

How many millionaires are in Ohio?

It also boasts a decent concentration of millionaire households. More than a quarter-million of Ohio’s 4.7 million households have investable assets of at least $1 million.

What is the poorest county in Ohio?

Athens CountyMeanwhile, Athens County is the poorest county in Ohio, with a median household income of $34,000.

What is the safest town in Ohio?

Safest Cities in Ohio – 2021Olmsted Township is Ohio’s safest community. … The 2nd safest community in Ohio is Brecksville, another wealthy Cleveland suburb of similar size to #1 Olmsted Township. … #3 North Ridgeville is the 3rd straight Cleveland suburb in the ranking of Ohio’s safest cities.More items…•Dec 27, 2020

What is the nicest city in Ohio?

The following Ohio cities made the list: Columbus (No. 55), Cincinnati (56), Dayton (93), Cleveland (108), Toledo (116), and Youngstown (128). Cleveland was actually ranked as the best Ohio city to retire in (coming in at No.

What is the oldest town in Ohio?

MariettaNone is as historic. Marietta is the oldest city in the Buckeye State, founded in 1788 at a time when crossing the Ohio River from the east meant hacking through the wilderness on the other side and entering the frontier.

What is the wealthiest suburb of Cleveland?

The biggest suburb in the top five, Pepper Pike at No. 3, has roughly 6,240 residents, according to the latest estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. The smallest of the top five, Hunting Valley, with 740 residents, also is the wealthiest.

Who is the richest man in Ohio?

Les WexnerThe richest man in Ohio is Les Wexner, who is worth around $4.4 billion, according to Forbes.

What is the richest part of Ohio?

Detailed List Of The Richest Cities In OhioRankCityMedian Income1Independence$106,4132Montgomery$131,1113Powell$157,1494Pepper Pike$190,68262 more rows•Dec 17, 2020

Is Ohio a poor state?

All data are from the United States Census Bureau….States, federal district, and territories.Rank36StateOhio2019 Poverty rate (percent of persons in poverty)13.1%2014 Poverty Rates (includes unrelated children)13.5%Supplemental Poverty Measure (2017–2019 average) (Geographically Adjusted)10.1%53 more columns

Who is considered a millionaire?

What Is a Millionaire? Today, the general definition of a millionaire is a person or a married couple whose net worth is greater than $1 million USD, and under this classification, the number of millionaires globally has multiplied dramatically over the past century.

Is Ohio a dangerous place to live?

Ohio is safe, and in fact, it is safer than many other American cities. However, cities like Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Canton make up much of Ohio’s crime rate. Ohio is the 35th most dangerous state in America. Between 2017 and 2018, there was an almost 6% drop in violent crime throughout Ohio.

Is Ohio a rich or poor state?

From the 2020 edition of Rich States, Poor States….Current Economic Outlook Ranks (2020 Edition)State2020 RankingAlaska26thIowa27thWest Virginia28thOhio29th46 more rows

What is the richest town in Kentucky?

RANKED: These are the wealthiest communities in KentuckyPlace: Glenview (Jefferson County) Estimated Median Household Income (2018): $239,063.Mockingbird Valley (Jefferson County): $223,438.Indian Hills (Jefferson County): $184,375.Anchorage (Jefferson County): $180,833.Maryhill Estates (Jefferson County): $171,250.More items…•Dec 3, 2020

How many Trillionaires are there?

A trillion is such a huge number followed by twelve zeros. That is one thousand times a billion. As of today, there are no trillionaires who live on earth….Net worth of Richest Royals.Rank11NameAlbert IITitlePrince of MonacoNet worth$1.0 billion13 more columns•Jun 27, 2020

What is the fastest shrinking city in Ohio?

ClevelandAmong the 100 largest cities in Ohio, the fastest shrinking city is Cleveland, whose population has declined 20.0% since the year 2000. Cleveland’s peak populuation was 914,808 in the year 1950, and it’s current population of 381,009 represents a 58.4% decline from it’s peak.

What city has the most murders in Ohio?

ClevelandDetailed List Of The Places With The Most Murder In Ohio For 2021RankCityMurders1Cleveland, OH922Dayton, OH483Cincinnati, OH644Whitehall, OH653 more rows

What is a livable salary in Ohio?

Living Wage Calculation for Ohio1 ADULT2 ADULTS (BOTH WORKING)0 Children3 ChildrenLiving Wage$13.16$23.97Poverty Wage$6.13$7.38Minimum Wage$8.70$8.70

What is the poorest city in Ohio?

ClevelandData released by the U.S. Census Bureau shows poverty is high in Ohio, listing Cleveland as the poorest big city in the country with Cincinnati not far behind.

What is the most dangerous city in Ohio?

Where Are The Most Dangerous Cities In Ohio?RankCityProperty Crimes Per Capita1Canton5,2922Moraine7,9933Cleveland4,4674Whitehall5,7636 more rows

What is the poorest town in KY?

GlasgowKentucky: Glasgow With a median annual household income of $46,535, about $10,000 less than the national median, Kentucky is one of the poorest states in the country. In Glasgow, a town of about 14,000 in southern Kentucky, incomes are even lower.