Quick Answer: What Does Reactional Mean?

What an answer means?

1a : something spoken or written in reply to a question His answer surprised us.

b : a correct response knows the answer.

2 : a reply to a legal charge or suit : plea also : defense.

3 : something done in response or reaction His only answer was to walk out.

4 : a solution of a problem More money is not the answer..

Is Reactional a word?

adjective. Of, relating to, or characterized by reaction, or a reaction; occurring as or constituting a reaction.

What is reactionary work?

Reactionary Work You are constantly reacting to what comes into you rather than being proactive in what matters most to you. Reactionary Work is necessary, but you can’t let it consume you.

What is another word for reacting quickly?

What is another word for quick to react?responsivealiveopenperceptivereactivereceptivesensitivesusceptiblesympatheticamenable121 more rows

What is a reactionary crime?

Yes because reactionary crimes can be seen as less “evil” and crimes done out of reaction may have a meaning behind them thats not as bad as if it were done out of fun or enjoyment. An example is having to hurt someone to protect yourself or being in a position where you have protect others.

What is the opposite of reactionary?

reactionary, reactionist, far-right(adj) extremely conservative. Antonyms: left, center.

What’s another word for Relocate?

Relocate Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for relocate?moveshifttransferremoverepositiondisplacecarrybudgetransposemigrate162 more rows

What is identifiable in Swift?

A class of types whose instances hold the value of an entity with stable identity.

Is Realisation a feeling?

noun A bringing or coming into real existence or manifestation, as of something conceived or imagined: as, the realization of a project. noun Perception of the reality or real existence of something; a realizing sense or feeling: as, the realization of one’s danger.

What reactionary means?

In political science, a reactionary or reactionist is a person or entity holding political views that favour a return to a previous political state of society that they believe possessed positive characteristics that are absent in contemporary society.

What is the meaning of realization?

the state of understanding or becoming aware of1 : the state of understanding or becoming aware of something. 2 : the act of accomplishing something planned or hoped for. More from Merriam-Webster on realization.

What does speed mean?

Speed. Speed can be thought of as the rate at which an object covers distance. A fast-moving object has a high speed and covers a relatively large distance in a given amount of time, while a slow-moving object covers a relatively small amount of distance in the same amount of time.

What does annoyance mean?

1 : the act of annoying someone or of being annoyed. 2 : the state or feeling of being annoyed : vexation She couldn’t hide her annoyance. 3 : a source of vexation or irritation : nuisance The delay was a minor annoyance.

What does the word identifiable mean?

: capable of being identified Cardenal … was easily identifiable in his signature black beret and loose white peasant shirts. —

What’s another word for reaction?

In this page you can discover 61 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for reaction, like: response, reception, reply, feeling, reflection, rejoinder, conservatism, effect, return, withdrawal and backlash.

What is a illegal?

Something illegal is against the law or breaks the rules. … Acts that go against the law, such as robbing a bank, are also illegal. There is a wide range of things called illegal, from small acts to big ones, but no matter the seriousness, if it is against the law, it is illegal.

How do you use identifiable in a sentence?

Identifiable in a Sentence 🔉My little brother is easily identifiable by his bright red hair, piercing green eyes, and unusually freckled skin. … Because there were no identifiable features on the keychain, the woman who found it had no way to determine who the keys belonged to.More items…

How would you describe a sudden realization?

“Epiphany” is sometimes used to signify sudden moments of clarity. In fact the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary carries the following definition: “A moment of sudden and great revelation or realization.”