Quick Answer: What Does The Soul Mirror Do In Egg Inc?

How do you get soul eggs fast?

You can see your total prestige earnings by clicking: menu -> stats.

So anything that makes you more money will increase the amount of soul eggs.

You are right.

When the bar fills, you will be given one additional soul egg..

What do mystical eggs do in Egg Inc?

Soul Eggs are a common type of Mystical Egg primarily gained from Prestige that grant a persistent permanent 10% boost to all future earnings, which can be raised further with Soul Food and Eggs of Prophecy. They resemble stones with a purple icosahedral jewel set inside.

How do you beat the Enlightenment egg?

You have to position the main screen so that the package can be easily tapped. Once you tap on the next egg, immediately start tapping on the package before the animation (moving to the next egg) is done and if you timed it correctly the package will be carried over to the next egg farm. Egg, Inc.

What is a co-op in egg Inc?

In a co-op, every participants’ laid eggs are pooled together and all count toward the goals of the contract. … If you start a co-op yourself, the time for the co-op to complete the contract is the time you had left to complete the contract.

What do eggs of Prophecy do?

The first time an Egg of Prophecy is obtained, a message explaining them appears. They function as an extra multiplier of your current Soul Eggs, increasing their multiplier by 5% per Egg of Prophecy. They are referred to as ‘rare Soul Eggs’ in the explanation message.

What does the tachyon prism do in Egg Inc?

Tachyon Prisms increase Internal Hatchery rates. If a Tachyon Prism is active, the stats page in the main menu will change to reflect the increase in production.

Why can’t i prestige in egg Inc?

To prestige, you need soul eggs first. There are a few missions that give them, and you can also get them from earning a lot of money, or farm value.

What do Golden Soul eggs do in Egg Inc?

A huge bounty of Golden Eggs can pay for a LOT of epic upgrades, which are permanent and stick around after you prestige. One particular epic upgrade to focus on with your Golden Egg bank is Soul Food and Prestige Bonus, which increases bonus per Soul Egg and the number of Soul Eggs you get when you prestige.

When should you prestige in egg Inc?

Strategy. After the first 50 Soul Eggs, different strategies exist, but a general rule of thumb is to prestige when the game is slowing down and you have no goals that depend on staying on the current egg.

What are Tachyon eggs?

Tachyon Eggs are black eggs covered in a green pattern with gaps shaped like hexagons. Green particles are emitted by this egg.

How do you cheat on egg Inc?

Here are the 6 best Egg Inc cheats:Keep Tapping. You already know you need to tap to get those chickens out and producing eggs for your farm. … Earn Money. … Prioritize Your Upgrades. … Careful with Updates. … Golden Eggs for More Golden Eggs. … Watch Those Drones. … Decide how much help you want. … Determine if this is a cheatable moment.More items…

How many eggs are there in egg Inc?

nineteenCurrently, there are nineteen main eggs and five contract eggs, but more eggs may be added in the future.

How do I get better at Egg Inc?

Egg, Inc. Ultimate Guide: 9 Tips & Tricks for Running Your Egg EmpireUnderstand The Basics. As mentioned above, tapping will only get you so far in Egg, Inc. … Check Your Mission. … Don’t Neglect Your Research. … When To Prestige. … Catch Those Drones. … Upgrade The Eggs Often. … Do Not Buy Time Boosts. … Use The Time Trick.More items…•Oct 11, 2017

Does having a rooster increase egg production?

A rooster will not increase egg production, but is needed to fertilize the eggs. If your hens are not laying as many as you would like, adding a rooster will not make the hens lay more eggs. However, winter is a great time to let your girls take a break.